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Mon 6/13 Springfield Lake

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I was on the water at 530pm until about 830pm. I fished the weed beds out in front of park boathouse area and down towards dam. I caught fish in 2-4ft of water. All were caught on a spinnerbait except for one on a creature bait, Texas rigged. Not sure on water temp as I didn't take Garmin. I would guess in the upper 70's to low 80's though. It was windy for first couple of hours and died down quite a bit around 7-730. I ended up with 8 bass in the boat and 1 crappie. I lost 3-4 fish. A couple were good ones that would have been 15" or better. It was fun for sure. Can't wait to get out on a bigger lake this weekend to see what the bite is like. I will probably fish Stockton Lake to prep for monthly Lake Series Kayak tourney next month thru MoYak. May also hit Fellows Lake during the week.





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