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Wed 6/15 - Lake Springfield

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I hit the lake about 5pm and fished until just about 830pm. It was very windy with strong gusts when I first got out there. The wind did calm down quite a bit about 730pm. When I first got out there there was only one other person fishing main lake and they had an Old Town with the spot lock trolling motor...I can usually set my heading and speed using my trolling motor to stand and fish...but not the way the wind was yesterday afternoon! I saw they were able to do so with the spot lock though. That is pretty sweet! I targeted weed beds and laydowns throwing a spinnerbait. It was so windy that it was tough to fish a creature bait...I threw it some and did miss a fish...but that was the only strike I had on it all evening. The spinnerbait was the deal. I ended up with 13 in the boat...11 bass and 2 crappie. I lost 2 fish...one where I didnt get the hook set with creature bait and the other was on a spinnerbait where he jumped and shook the bait...that one was at least 16"...a good fish. Pics are of the better fish I landed. It was a fun evening from about 7pm on...I caught 11 of the 13 from 7pm-830.







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