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TR for the week to the 25th


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I'll try to keep this updated if we catch anything worthy this week through Saturday.

Geno and I are down with our families this week.  Family trip so we'll mostly be fishing at night although I need to get my little one out in her new waders and get her her first trout caught so likely an early morning trip to the outlets. 

Geno and I started up by the dam throwing signature series last night and we did pretty good.  Nothing huge but big fat rainbows with some aerial acrobatics.  We started at 11 as the water was dropping and the bite was good there until they went to 1 unit then it dropped off. 

We spent some time poking around in the dark and I've been trying to get a good pic of the Dam with my HMT and NV setup that I hunt with... It's very difficult to get good pics but did get a few of the milky way that turned out good.  We watched some deer and a big skunk who got a bit close for comfort.  Dam pics kept blooming out on my phone camera with the lights up top...

Over all a good night in the dark.   It had been a while since I was able to get down so some much needed fishing I hope to get in. 

Oh and Geno found a $30 bill hanging on a log lol.  Doty SS 110 with a 2021 date code. 








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Glad to hear the water was slowing down.   I couldn't get my son off the steps Saturday or Sunday due to the current flow.  But we were able to find other things to do.  

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Another night very similar to last night minus the numbers.  It was better quality though.  We started up by dam and worked our way down between the outlets with just a few bites on the jerks... 

I needed to break my new Mike Riffle jig rod in on a trout so as the water was dropping i loaded up with a 1/32 white jig on 3lb maxima and we headed down past outlet 1.  

On 3rd cast jig got crushed and fished almost jumped in geno's lap who was down stream from me lol.  Finally landed it and it was a chunky 16 or 17in bow.  Pretty run of the mill but healthy and fiesty. First trout accomplished on the new rod. 

Next cast i got crushed again and this one started taking line and put a good bend in the rod.  After a short battle and a few runs i had a chunk that was flirting with being a trophy, but didn't get the tape out as I think it would of been just shy... a tall thick net filler bow though. 

Geno caught one on the jig rod next as he wanted to try it out.  Weird night but all fish came on white jigs. 

About 130 again though bite just died.   We even wandered down to the last outflow through the woods and got nothing but one short hook up to show for it. 

Bigger fish but less tonight... weird pattern, but still fun fishing with my bro. 

We also found a chupucabra on the trail...

It's likely a juvenile yote or a fox but it has been there dead for a bit. 



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Jealous of your fishing, DJ! Wish I could join you.

Isn't it weird how the night bite goes? Can be dead for hours then they turn on for 30 minutes and hold on. Or vice versa. It's fun. That is definitely some type of nest raider so good riddance. I prefer chupacabra though..

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So last night the bite finally picked up,  maybe it was my oldest being my good luck charm... her 2nd cast resulted in her finally getting a 20in bow. 

We had a much different night last night and hammered them good till we left them biting at 3AM.  And bite they did.  They were angry last night hitting like a dump truck. 

We the 762 rainbow and French pearl with the rainbow landing more. 

We fished between cable and outlet one and then down below the outlets again

We all also picked up some jig fish too on white and grey 1/32 jigs.

Only one 20in, but the size of the 17,18, and a few 19in fish was just crazy.  These fish are tall and thick and put up a great fight. 

Picked up a solo white bass on a big too for a little variety...

Hopefully we get some water off time tonight,  fingers crossed for that. 











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Hey @JestersHK looks like you guys are having a great time! I miss fishing those productive tailwaters and even the night bite. Would love to fish Taney again when it's a bit warmer than the last trip there. Congrats to your daughter on a nice fish. She seems to be taking well to you nocturnal fishing. Keep posting those reports. Helps me live vicariously on missed trout fishing.

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So the week has come and gone and I'm already back home... this wasn't a fishing trip, but we got some good nights in fishing.  My oldest was the only one to break the 20in mark but we caught a bunch between 16 and 19 that were just absolute tanks... not gorged bulging stomachs, these fish are built,  tall, healthy,   and thick.  

Geno and I fished Friday night with the water off.  He jigged and I stripped buggers, we had some success but nothing like the previous night.  Was good to be able to get to our usual spots though. Fish were nothing to write home about but we caught some.

Saturday night we met up with Blake at the dock around 930 and headed up lake.   The dark army was already out in force but we scooted up and past them towards point Royale. 

Blake used a fly rod with a jig and lighted indicator,   and I started with a SS French Pearl. I think I caught 2 on the jerk then switched to my new Mike Riffle jig rod throwing black and purple 1/32 mostly because I wanted to get a feel for it from the boat. 

It was pretty much game on from the time we started to the time we left.  We doubled up more times than I can count and even tripled so we got to yell Thundercats Hey-o down the lake 😆 

Fish were all over the place size wise but we had a bunch in the 16 and up range.  Geno had a 18.5 and I had one right at 19 that both took us for rides on our jig rods.

I almost got to the point of being tired of taking fish off and I think Blake got there too lol.  It really was a banner night with non stop action for about 3.5 hours. Oh almost forgot Geno caught what we think is a goggle eye?  First time I've seen one of those in Taney.

Def can't wait to get back down soon. Despite the heat the night fishing really is my favorite way to stay cool... not allot of pics as it was non stop action and I'm pretty much at the point where if we don't board them in the boat my phone lives in my pack...




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