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Taneycomo November Fishing

Tom C

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I've booked a unit and boat at Lilley's for the week of Thanksgiving; but have never fished Taney that time of year.  I'm concerned about low DO levels.  Is there a way to know when Table Rock has turned over?  

Also any particular fishing techniques/artificial baits good for that time of year?  I fly fish, spin fish with jigs, jerk baits, and drift scuds, eggs, etc....

Thank you!

Tom Ciolino

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Tom I fish that week every year.  The DO is usually fine then.  Same things work then as they do the rest of the year just adjust with the water.  JIgs, Megaworms, Scuds, Jerkbaits etc.  I will say this much if your just looking for stockers there are a ton less in the lake that time of year so don't expect as many bites but there are good fish to be had especially in the trophy area then.  It's a great week with low boat traffic the first part of the week at least.   I will be down that week as well.  

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7 hours ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

That 4 day weekend is typically pretty busy.   The past 2 years it was PPPAACCKKEEDDD!!!!!!

We quit counting at over 40 boats between trout hollow and fall creek.  My buddy rents a house just below Fall Creek every year that weekend so I usually go down.

Usually Saturday thru Tuesday is light traffic and great. Course I spend most of that week on other areas of the  lake but I will venture up there until Tuesday evening then I stay the heck away from that upper lake. 

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