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LOZ Post Spawn/ Shad Spawn OH MY!

Bill Babler

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I agree with him. Only time you weigh is if you have a chance for a check or its a series with continuing tournaments where collecting points for a fish off derby is in play. 

Just totally stupid to drag 2 or 3 fish up there if someone has 20 pounds on the board. Unless you think its Big Fish. 

PS. A 2 pound K ain't cuttin it. 

There is none worse than the Homer Sloan event at Shell Knob 1st. Saturday in October. 

Usually 50 to 100 boats and a ton of Dumb buttes  drag 1-2 or 3 fish up there. Totally uncalled for. 

Just can't beat that Ribeye dinner at the end however and the ton of giveaways. 





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I concur with your thoughts Bill.  We always check the board to see if we have enough to weigh.  If we don't have enough we dump them back in the lake asap.   I don't mind if a kid goes up and weighs so they can get that experience.  I know of several anglers in our local derby that weigh their fish regardless.  They want to let folks know they caught a limit even though they are no where near the check line.  Ego often times over rules common sense with some folks..  

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I am fishing the Anglers in Action event today at LOZ in the Open Division. It is my is my first event of this kind (best 5). I have only entered one other boat event, Big Bass Tour by BassPro (KVD). I am excited, but realistic. Never fished LOZ before. LoL...no way, I am waiting to weigh unless I have 17lbs or more...and only then if it looks like I will cash or I have a fish over 6lbs. I did a kayak event yesterday on Bull Shoals. I caught a limit but only had two keepers out of the five. I did lose two keepers as well though. Two fish I probably wouldn't have lost fishing out of a boat. I had 71.5". 87" won it. Two fish cost me 8-10". Can't remember if that would have cashed or not. I probably caught 10-12 fish yesterday on Bull. Crankbaits and jig. Hopefully, I can get 5 that keep today.

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