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Don't forget your sunscreen......

Steve McBasser

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You guys are killing me with all the fishing reports. I haven't been unable to go for the last 6 weeks. Three weeks into retirement I was diagnosed with Melanoma skin cancer. The same cancer that took my buddy Ken down the street a couple years ago. It was kind of scary there for a few weeks. In my 66yrs and 6 months of life I have spent thousands of hours on the water and in the sun, never thinking anything about it. Please take sun exposure seriously. I never did..... until now. On June 10th the doctor removed the skin cancer along with a piece of my skin 51mm long X 28mm wide X 9mm deep. Recovery time was extended because it was on my elbow. Will probably be next week before I get out again and will probably do a night trip due to the extreme temperatures. Be safe out there. 


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Thank you for sharing your story.  Skin cancer is no joke.  I lost my father in 6 weeks after his diagnosis.  I wear long sleeve sun shirts most of the time on the water.  I know it is hard to say, but we are not invincible.  Stay safe brothers and sisters!

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43 minutes ago, fishinwrench said:

Just curious, was it the skin cancer that killed him......or the doctors while trying to cure him of it?  

Good God, man. Have some couth. Cancer is hard and it can be beaten with medical intervention whether you think so or not. Put the tinfoil away and catch a bastardized wiper.

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Nick..... These Madura cooling socks are awesome for your face and ears. I use the Habit brand sun shirts from Sam's Club now for arms. Currently shopping for full body protection that breathes... including gloves. The backs of my hands are exposed almost all the time. If I find anything awesome I'll let ya'll know. 




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