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Strange looking bass!


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tiger muskie

Fishing near Eagle River in Northern Wisconsin last Thursday, I caught this Tiger Muskie trolling a crankbait! It is definitely my biggest fish and a fish of a lifetime! This fish came out of the water twice and acted like a Tarpon! I was fishing with my favorite nephew and my favorite wife, when this monster hit a 2.5 KVD trolled at 3.0 mph. What made this so special is I was whining that he wasn't putting me on any big fish and he replied that this is a MAGIC LAKE not a MIRACLE LAKE! So I picked up his rod and caught this giant, proving this is a MIRACLE LAKE! After a 15 minute battle we managed to get this fish in the net and in the boat. The hook popped out the minute the fish was in the net (divine intervention). After a couple of pictures I released this giant to make another fisherman's day!

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16 hours ago, magicwormman said:

I forgot to mention the Muskie was 47 inches long and 35 lbs!

1 minute ago, dtrs5kprs said:

This might help 😉.


That's an awesome musky! Congrats on a catch of a lifetime!

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