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Kimberling city 7/25-7/29


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      I fished a few days this week out of kimberling city.  It's a family vacation we do every year.   W.T. was about 88 most mornings.  I could see bottom in about 5 or 6ft of water.  I always fish the same couple of areas.  The points at the mouth of schooner creek, the steep side of point 7 and the bridge.  This year I didn't fish point 7 at all because I caught them well enough in schooner.

       Early in the mornings I ran to the point at the mouth of schooner creek.  That but typically slows by about 9, at which point I go fish the bridge.  I use jigging spoons and nightcrawlers mostly.  I caught a few fish on a spoon, a keitech swimbait and a few on a plastic worm but most were on live bait. Mostly caught kentuckies with a few smallies and lm mixed in.  I only caught 1 catfish, 0 walleye and a handful of bluegills.  Normally I can find a big school of bluegill around the point, but not this year.  Everything I graphed was 25 to 35 feet deep on the bottom or suspended over the channel in 50+ fow.  

         The bridge bite was as good as ive seen it.  Generally the best bite for me has been midday through the afternoon.  Often times you can catch as many spotted bass as you have worms. This year was no different.  There seemed to be quite a few shallow fish around the pilings.  I generally toss the crawler out about 20 or 30 feet, it often would sink just 5 or 10 feet then one would grab it.  

           We also like to hang crawdad traps around the dock slips using cut bluegills as bait.  Our most productive traps were in probably 15 or 20 fow.  Shallower traps produced small crawl, and we only had about 20 to 30 feet of length on our ropes so we couldn't go too deep.  Way back when the kimberling inn docks had a fish cleaning station a feller used to hang traps, but nobody does it anymore.  The folks around the docks are always one part amazed and one part disgusted at the sight of them lol. 





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Top dollar, thanks for all the info. Sounds like a nice trip. 


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