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Are we ready?


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Unsure where to post this but most here have skill sets beyond what the general public has…hunting, fishing and gathering wild foods and medicinal plants…but do you have everything you need when the 💩hits the fan.?

from hard core preppers to just an emergency bug out bag…thought I’d start a conversation on tips and ideas


this is a trailer for a show I think was on the history of discovery channel several years ago that gave rise to the modern prepper movement…the recent pandemic shutdowns gave many a taste of their own personal vulnerabilities

here is the trailer


MONKEYS? what monkeys?

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It has already hit here.  The bride is on a cooking strike, so it was rolly-polly's and dandelions for my dinner tonite.  Luckily I found a half stick of butter.....so it wasn't all that bad.   

The kids ate crickets, and I think there's a few left in that paper towel over there.....if you're hungry.    

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