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Shell Knob 8-1-22. Current Fishing Report

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Got out prior to the crack of dawn this morning hitting the SK bridge ramp at 5:15. There was a small derby going out but they graciously let me get out before take off. 

Surface temps at 83 degree water is really stained to almost James River green. Fished from the bridge both up the White and up the Kings. 

Fish were deeper this morning from the last time I was out. Most everything was at 30 plus early and with the sun, by 0800 had moved to middle 40's mostly suspended. 


Lots of LM suspended today with the K's and some of the walleye on the bottom, however I did catch a load of walleye suspended. 


Gills have moved in on the flat run outs and they were thick in that same depth range on some locations, not all. You catch gills, you catch walleye.  If there are many gills, there are very few bass. 


Walleye are really for the most part just in crazy amounts up the White and the Kings. 

Randy, this is a totally different fishery than it was when you were here. The walleye numbers are staggering. They got to be for a dummy like me to catch as many as I have been. 

All on artificial to boot. 

I fished a white War Eagle or a white Dixie Jet 1/2 oz. jigging spoon all day and nothing else. 


On one location up the White I had 8 keeper walleye in 8 drops, up to 24 inches. Couldn't believe it. They would streak off the bottom and hammer the spoon a good 10' before it hit the bottom. At times there were a dozen streaks headed for the spoon. 


I caught 20 plus walleye, easy with 15 keepers. Kept 2 that swallowed the spoon. Just no way to prevent that with the number of fish I caught and how aggressive they are. 

I learned something this morning. When you hook a bass at times the entire school would follow it to the surface.

When you hook a walleye totally different reaction. They mill somewhat, but go back down very fast or just stay where they are if they're suspended. Interesting, it really lets you know what your looking at. 


Lots of bass boats out this morning but most with the exception of the several guide boats I saw were beating down the bank. 


Probably lost one of the really good deep runs today cause a guy I did not know from Adam or had not seen came over as I was pulling my trolling motor. Said he had been watching me from across the lake and had never seen the like of fish I was catching. 


He wanted to know what I was doing, by that time we were drifting in 80' and I told him I was targeting deep suspended fish with my Live scope, which I was to some extent. 

Said he had no idea that fish lived that deep. He was running straight birds and wondered if he could find them with those units. I told him sure, just got to keep looking. 


That's true. 

Its not only me, the guides are catching walleye by the bushel basket and here is where I need some splaining. All the keeper walleye are males. In speaking with the guides as well as what I've cleaned not a single fish has been a hen. Every single fish is a male. 


Idea's?  I'm going to have to talk to Shane about it. 

Well, that's all the good news. The bad news is both Becky and I have Covid. We must have gotten it on our Colorado trip cause we are both pretty miserable with head congestion, cough and sneezing. We have had 4 vaccinations each and still got the durn stuff. 

My taste buds were only a little off, but Becky couldn't taste or smell anything for a week. We're doing better now, but staying away from people or wearing a mask when we have to go shopping. 

Good Golly, the fish are biting, if you get the chance go catch a few. 

Good Luck

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Thanks for the info, that is some great fishing you are having.  I have been thinking about giving the gills a shot, maybe later this week. 

Couple that live across the street from my mom both picked up COVID a few days ago, fairly mild also.  Hope you and Becky get rid of it soon!

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2 vaccine and 2 boosters, but I don't think they work on that new strain except they make it a very mild case. No respiratory issues except a cough. Sneezing is crazy. You just have a fit with sometimes a 1/2 dozen sneezes at a time and always a mild headache. I'm doing better than she is. 


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Well Done friend.  I hope you and Becky get well quick.  I will be out again tomorrow out of baxter.  I think I will burn some fuel and head to the SK area of the lake.  My brother and I did not do well right around Baxter Sunday.  

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With the tourist season and the proximity of Baxter to the KC area it is also handy for guides coming out of Springfield and it has had some pressure put on it. 

I haven’t fished up that way but have spoken to several guides and they are catching some including some really nice walleye. 

Key in that area is don’t fish till you find them.  They should be in that 28’ to 40’ range but I have not fished there. They will also suspend quite a bit. 

Way more guide traffic in the SK area than I have ever seen and all are crawler fishing. Saw at least 4 today and to tell the truth I didn’t know any of them. 

2 were up the White and the other 2 were at SK. All deep fishing with 3 to 5 clients in their boats. Looked like they knew where the fish lived. Saw one guy up the White on a deep hump I have never ever seen anyone on and he had 4 crawler fishermen in the boat. I will guarantee they were catching them as I was headed for that spot. 

Still plenty of room, just gotta use your underwater peepers. 


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First, and most important, get well!

Second, I absolutely believe you about the walleye. The continued stocking, the limit rules, and the limited natural spawn have made that lake a true walleye fishery. As the long time regulars know, there a a variety of methods that work, but this time of year, with the fish so deep, jigging spoons and drop shot crawlers are the way to go.

Here is a link to a 2018 article:

Your report made me realize that I have not caught a walleye in over three years.

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When you get one on, you know in about 10 seconds it’s a walleye instead of a bass. A catfish will fool you at times but the walleye are very distinct. 

It was educational and interesting watching how the walleye schools reacted to both baits and then after you hooked one watching the schools reaction to the caught fish. 

All my years fishing it was a totally new experience. For one thing the live scope and for another a school of walleye. 

Randy, why do you think all these walleye are males being caught lake wide?  Every fish that has been cleaned that I personally know about has been a male, and it’s for sure easy to tell. 


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