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Trailer Steps

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A friend of mine started a company that made hitch accessories and now has ventured into trailer accessories. He had a customer wanting to order a step system for his Vexus so we used my trailer as a guinea pig since they hadn't done a Vexus trailer before. We got the steps mounted on the tongue and he ended up sending me some more parts(he's in Little Rock) for the swing-out first step. Last night I made a few rough drafts and took pictures to send to him. Figured I might as well share them with y'all as well! The first 3 pictures are with the swing-out step mounted on a extender from the receiver, and the last two are after I mover the swing-out to tongue. The last picture is the swing-out in the stowed/travel position. As you can see, there are multiple configurations of each of the steps placement. Once I settle on a configuration I will tighten everything up and lock it in. For more info his websites are duraduty.com and hitchirific.com






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