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Crappie fishing question


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I'm taking my 8 yr old daughter fishing tomorrow.  I was going to put in at War Eagle..I'm a bass fisherman and know nothing when it comes to fishing for crappie.  Should I just set her up with a bobber and worm, minnows, jig??? Fish around docks etc...I do have livescope on my boat but I'm just learning to use it. I just want her to catch some fish.

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Bobbers and minnows are the way to go for a kids first time.   But NOW isn't the time to do it.  Wait until next Spring when they are running the shallow banks.

Bluegill with a bobber, using crickets or worms would probably be best at this time.   Backends of coves.

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My mom could catch crappie year round on minnows.  They do have a crappie bed--pretty much a must.  Rick could fish beside her and reel in fish for fish on a jig.  It's all about confidence in what you're using.  Rick would also tell me I could only catch a bass on a plastic worm in the spring.  Proved that wrong by yanking them in mid-winter.

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