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Sunday 8/21 - Campbell's Point


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Well, we headed to Campbell's Point early. We arrived at the ramp at 530am...it was pouring and lightning. We decided to wait it out as the weather was supposed to break anytime. There was a break about 6am and we launched. No sooner did we get on the water and out to end of the cove, it started up again...the lightning was pretty wicked. We took shelter at the marina. Once we were sure the storm cell was tracking south and away from us, we started out. There was barely a drizzle going on. We thought for sure there would be a topwater bite...we were wrong. Maybe if we had run across some busting and chasing bait...but we didn't see it on the stretches we hit. From about 630 until about 930 we tried squarebills, choppos, and walking baits shallow. I caught one lil spotted bass on a squarebill all that time. My brother-in-law hung one dragging a worm in about 14ft of water (behind the boat). We had hit flats, runout points, transition banks lines, and bluff walls. I decided we should head to a runout point that is also nest to some standing timber that is also adjacent to some deep water (30-50ft drop zone). We started throwing jigs and finally got bit. We caught several in that area. There was some deep structure along that drop off area that we got hung on occasionally.  I have a lure knocker/retriever though and we managed to save all but hang up on this trip. I bet I saved my brother-in-law $40 or more in lures🤣😂. We started fishing main points that were adjacent to the channels where there was deep water nearby. In some instances the channel would drop down to 80-100ft and we would be throwing into the 30-40ft range. I stuck to a black and blue football jig with a black and blue fleck zoom craw trailer. My brother-in-law switched back and forth between a pumpkin green/orange pee wee jig and pumpkin green craw trailer, a 10" junebug worm, and a drop shot with some Megabass minnow/shad bait. I ended up with probably 7 orb8 in the boat. I lost at least 5...two of which I got up to the boat. I was jacking the hook set pretty good but still sometimes barely had them hooked. One of them was wasn't even hooked through...the bait fell out as soon as I flipped him in the boat and there was some slack in the line. My brother-in-law boated 3 and lost probably another 3 or 4. That was all from about 10am until about 130pm. The boat traffic got to be too much. Neither one of us had seats...I never use one and my brother-in-law usually sits to fish so he was having a tough time trying to keep his balance with the wake boats going by. That and the sun was out and it was getting hot. When we switched up, if we caught one, we caught multiple fish in that area. We did see some wolf packs or schools busting chasing bait in a few spots. They kept moving though and neither one of us had topwater or other baits tied on to even try to catch em. They would pop up here and there and be gone in seconds. I don't have livescope so we had to rely on 2d sonar and our baits to get a lay of the areas we fished. Once we did though...that pattern seemed to work well. Water temp started at about 81°F and was above 84°F when we got off. That stretch of lake has a nice green stain to b it. Probably 3-6ft visibility or more. Wind was light early on and picked up to maybe 5-10mph around 9am or so. Can't wait for after Labor Day...wake boat traffic will drop off a lot.  I added a few of the fish pics. We didn't measure any. I think we ended up with one or two keepers and several that were close if they weren't keepers. Mostly fat spots. One spit up some baitfish.





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Hey @Bassin4fun great report for a tough day on the water. Congrats on those that you guys were able to boat! I would expect most guys on here to be hoping for Labor day or later to get here as fast as it can for cooler conditions and less boats.

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