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Brush Hogs


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I would like to keep expanding the baits I throw to get stale on using the same baits over and over again. I also like to learn new techniques and if fishing is tough maybe increase my chances of boating fish. Let me preface that I fish rivers and creeks and not lakes currently although I would imagine there is a lot of carryover. I would like any advice on colors for water conditions, times of the year, brush hog size and rigging options, best spinning gear set up and just any help or tips anyone is willing to share. I envision using these primarily around boulders and deeper water on bigger rivers but really haven't done in depth research except some internet searching which most of what I find is lake fishing. 

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I don't stream fish for smallies much these days, but when I did I would throw these Charlie Brewer Slider heads (link below).  I always used Zoom Trick worms or Finesse worms, but don't see any reason you could not use them for a Brush Hog.  Texas rig the plastic and you'll have a fairly snagless presentation.  Gamakatsu has come out with a ball head that has a v-shapped wire weed guard and Tackle HD also makes a similar jig head, these would be good options too for a spinning rod.

I believe BPS carries the CB Slider heads, some of the other local to you shops should have them also.

The outdoor writer for the AR Democrat Gazette writes a float story once or twice a year and Brush Hogs are one of his favs for stream smallies.

Charlie Brewer's Spider Pro Darter Head 4pk - Tackle Warehouse

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I don't use them much, but if I did I would Carolina rig them. I would probably stick with the baby brush hogs in smaller creeks and streams.  I think they are very versatile. Buy a pack in a few different colors then go experiment! Use them exclusively for a stretch of river with a variety of habitat and you'll find out pretty quick I think. 

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9 hours ago, Seth said:

Green pumpkin baby brush with the tail dyed chartreuse. Texas or carolina rig it with a 3/0 EWG light wire hook and go fishing. I use the texas rig around cover and the c-rig on points, riffles and current seams.

I know a certain river that has green pumpkin colored rocks, you can fish any color bait you want as long as it’s green pumpkin, baby is the right size, a chartreuse tail helps. 

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