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A small BPS rant

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I damaged some of my Z20 decals up in Sons Creek.  I decided to replace them.  They were incredibly high priced but I decided to get them anyway.  They weren’t in stock so they had to be ordered from the warehouse on the north side of town.  I wasn’t allowed to go pick them up.

 I was told it would take a week or so for them to be shipped to the store.  They would be processed and shipped to the service center.  They would then be shipped to me at a cost of $19.  Time went by and no decals.  Yesterday I got a text from a guy a couple of hundred miles away saying he had my decals.

 I contacted the service center.  A guy looked it up and called me back.  It seems that the guy who got my decals has the same last name.  So I guess a careless shipping clerk did not read the order very carefully.  I feel a bit better now that I have thrown the monkey. 

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1 hour ago, Quillback said:

Is BPS going to pay shipping for the other guy to send them to you?   I hope they would at least do that.  

Nope.  They are going to create a pickup label for FedEx so they can get it from him and ship it somewhere.  I hope the somewhere is me.

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