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Tailwater 9/10

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Headed back to the tailwaters pre-daylight yesterday. In my 3-4 trips so far this year I am exactly even. I have caught the same numbers of rainbows and walleye. I had yet to catch a brown until today. 

My first fish was a nice 15-16" rainbow(for Beaver). I'm not catching many fish in the dark most are coming in that daylight hour but this one was in the dark. 


Then I must have stumbled into a walleye hole because I caught 3 of these right away. Just short of keeper length.


I was working along after this about 100 yards below another fisherman. I casted across and as soon as my jerkbait hit the water a big fish slammed it but missed. It happened so fast it caught me completely off guard. The guy upriver hollered, "Whoa, that was a big fish." I cast again and got my line wrapped around a hook. My next cast to the same spot, I gave it one jerk and again slammed. Fish came completely out of the water and was hooked. I knew it was a good fish but thought it might be a 3/4lber. It was all the way across the river and jumped completely out of the water 4-5 times. Finally got it netted. 

24" and 6.5lbs in the net. Really pretty and acrobatic. 


I ended up with 2 more browns and kept and even ratio of walleye/bows. 


AGFC should stock browns in the next couple weeks so my numbers on browns are going to go way up as there will be a bunch of small fish. With Table Rock getting lower and lower the tailwaters is getting really shallow. Hopefully these bigger fish are hiding in good spots. 



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Right now there is lots. 

Parker Bottoms both up stream and downstream.

At the bathrooms at the campground I think there is a beaten path nearly to the dam and lots of water down river.

Pretty good path between Bertrand upstream to the other walk in accesses. 

Of course generators come on and its all underwater. 

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