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Anglers in Action Tournament - Sunday 11th of Sept


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Well, I think I launched from PB2 about 7am or so. I was boat number 88 and fished solo. This was my first time fishing a best of five fish, weigh-in event. The only other boat fishing tourney I had done was the BassPro Big Bass event at Table Rock. It was also my first time fishing Lake of the Ozarks. I was told by my kayak fishing buddy to focus on docks and work the pockets. Well, I started off doing that but did not get any bites throwing buzzbait, jig, and squarebill.  I decided to try some other patterns. I headed to a bluff wall across the lake and paralleled the bank throwing a squarebill. Bingo, I was on fish. I ended up catching 2 small keepers doing this. Unfortunately, that was it. I think I wasted too much of the early morning bite fishing those two pockets and near the docks. I had fun though. I ended up catching 23 or 24 bass, 1 white bass, and a bluegill. All of my bites were cranking and running the banks adjacent to channel and points. Squarebill (1.5 and 2.5) and Rock Crawler are what got me all of my bites. It was windy and the boat traffic picked up about 1030am or so and got busier as the day went on. I didn't think the boat traffic was too bad although, I did get swamped a bit by one boat that ran a bit closer to where I was. I had the bow pointed into the waves and when I crashed down over the crest, the next wave came over the bow a bit. I can imagine summer season would be rough in my little Tracker 175 TXW as some boats produced rollers that were like swells on the ocean. Water Temps started about 78F and were at 81 or so by the time I came off. I had a good time, but need to learn to fish LOZ better before entering another tournament....or get a partner to split the cost. Some pics of the catches.






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