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Cape Fair the last 3 days

bobby b.

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I haven't been fishing due to the heat but did fish out of Cape Fair for 3 days (Wed - Fri) from about 8 am - 1 pm at the latest.  Caught 15-20 fish each day mostly using Hula Stick in Watermelon Red in 0 - 7 fow on a 1/16 Ned head.  Did catch some on a swim bait and on a heavy jig in 10 fow.  First 2 days I went upstream of the Marina as far as Point 15 and a little into Flat Creek and the 3rd day downstream as far as Buzzard.  The easiest bite was on a lay down but this generally either produced a near keeper LM or a baby bass.  Only 1 or 2 short SM.  WT 77 degrees.  Only took one pic as the fish were unremarkable.  There were less than a dozen boats the ramp each day.  Very pleasant in the morning and not bad particularly if I stayed in the shade in the later morning.  




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