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Chances Are?

Bill Babler

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As everyone knows this can be a really challenging time of year to catch numbers of fish. On the other hand it can be a great time to catch big fish. 

As the water cools and the shad schools group and move onto the channel swings and creeks LM start to migrate in the same direction. 

This past week I have had some slow days with lite fish numbers but I have had my largest fish of the year. 

Friday I only got 7 bites but put about 15 pounds best 5 in the boat. Thursday I only had 9 bites with 3 keepers but the 3 weighed 14 pounds.  I also had some bigger days earlier in the week with best 5 pushing 18 pounds. 

If you find shad and find fish with them don’t be discouraged if they don’t bite right off the bat. Stay with them and be patient. 

I’ve been working a group that bite very slow, till you catch one, when that happens you will get bit really good for 15 minutes or so as it really stirs them up.

Right now they’re in 1’ to 100’ depending on the bait but the deep ones currently are suspended in the 22’ to 26’ range right with the bait. If the wind is blowing bait to the bank or it’s early in the day they might be right on the bank. 

Early in the day I can’t get the deep suspended fish in the bait to bite, so I’m working shallow   

More on this later








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Really kind of strange in the white bass deal. I have not caught a single one and I am fishing Shad imitation baits. 

I will also say I’ve spent enough time now with the FFS that I can tell what I’m looking at as far as perch, bass, white bass, walleye and crappie. 

I’m seeing loads of crappie and catching them. Broke out the A-rig on Friday and simply could not keep them off it. 

Mike Baker videos has taught me a lot, along with actual looking at it for hours now.   As far as the crappie it is without a doubt the deadliest tool out there. 

Not seeing any whites at all, which is surprising. If our water doesn’t raise and stays at this level or less, this is going to be one of the best Winters for deep fish we have had in years. Lots of humps and tops are going to be in that prime 50’ and under range. 

For now I’m done with the docks. I’ve whipped that horse to death both deep and shallow. There are loads of crappie however around docks.  Not all, but enough if you have FFS to limit just about any time you go. 

The last week for the most part unintentionally I’ve caught a couple of dozen and they are all huge. Kept two I caught deep on a spoon and the two made 20 nice size pieces. We had them for dinner one night and fish sandwiches for lunch the next day.  Have not even come close to catching a sub-legal. 


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A few things for me, trying to target bigger fish this past week is trying to stay away from the K’s. 
F119B091-F21F-446E-8136-ADBC1291AD13.jpegI’m really chasing LM.  Caught this one on a Jewel Spin-X with a 2.8 inch Keitech trailer. 

Baits I’ve been using are really Shad imitating or a jig 


1C24C57D-CB48-4D1A-8B8D-D6B873B30D57.jpeg2036C9EB-647D-4825-8AAF-0F326870691C.jpegC862FD1D-DD17-4FBB-81E6-0963507C17C5.jpeg7110F412-B4C4-4B97-8F8B-3F7A52A1F365.jpegI’ve also had very good success at times with top water. Seems like a small window however. 
DB57759E-8835-4888-AC74-A23135E612E4.jpeg066D241B-2F07-494C-98BE-70792A716AE2.jpeg92B7DC58-C024-4A70-8C0B-647F4E733B09.jpegGoing to hit it hard Wednesday thru Friday and see if I can find some prior to the Homer Sloan derby.  I’ve got a good recipe if I can get them to bite. 

Good Luck

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