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Big M area, Sept. 29


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I fished top water all morning.  Started walking the dog, then switched over to the Whopper Plopper.   For 5 hours I fished the bank, probably fished several miles worth of bank.  7 bass in the boat, 3 were keepers.  No real pattern, I'd say gravel banks were the best, especially if you can find a little pocket or cove.  

There are one inch sized shad everywhere, I have never seen this many on this end of the lake.  They are in the coves from front to back and on the gravel banks.  The bass aren't after them like you'd think they'd be.  

Caught another meanmouth today.  He blew up on the lure about 15 feet from the boat, jumped right over it.  He missed it and usually when they're that close to the boat they don't come back, but I twitched the lure and he blew it up again, but got hooked this time.  Meanmouth are dumb, but fun to catch.


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Kicked my butt. I fish 6:30 till 2:30 and caught 5 total. 3 keepers. 

2 keeps came flipping docks one nice jaw early on a Choppo and 2 shorts on a drop shot. 

Deep fish are at 30’ to 50’ and suspended will not even look at a drop shot. Run from it like a flushed covey of quail. 

Know of at least 2 guides that skunked with the exception of a catfish or 2 on crawlers yesterday  

High pressure at 30.86 clear blue and an East wind, in September/ Early October is a KILLER. 

Have absolutely no idea how we can catch 6 keepers during the Homer Sloan tournament this weekend.

Any ideas are appreciated  I’ve gone from Hero to Zero in the last 10 days  

Sorry for the terrible report  

Goid Luck



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Bill, don’t take it so hard on yourself. Some of us have many days like that. Good luck in the tournament. As they say, “what a difference a day makes.”  


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