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Indian Creek, Oct. 3


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Launched at 0630 this morning, another outstanding day as far as weather.

Decent early bite, the were done by 10 AM, but put 11 in the boat with 5 being keepers.  All smallmouth, only one spotted bass.  Caught one on top, one on a jig, the rest were on the drop shot with a Thin Senko.  Fish were in 25-35 FOW about halfway back in a large cove, gravel bottom.  

There is some top water striper activity, but not a lot.  Had a guide pulling shad in the same cove I was in, never saw them hook up.  

WT 73




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Looks like a good day!  Nice looking smallie! 

I have yet to fish that end of the lake (new to the area) but once house is finished that will be a lot closer for me.  

I did hear/see a solo striper surface feeding near horseshoe last week.

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