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Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Ozark Nomad

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I have used a pontoon like that on the White and Norfork with several units running.  Its a blast.  Never needed a trolling motor, they row pretty easy.  Till the wind picks up strong.

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If you don’t have them already pick up some swim fins, the wind is going spin you. 

His father touches the Claw in spite of Kevin's warnings and breaks two legs just as a thunderstorm tears the house apart. Kevin runs away with the Claw. He becomes captain of the Greasy Bastard, a small ship carrying rubber goods between England and Burma. Michael Palin, Terry Jones, 1974

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Wind & slack water are your enemies in one of those, but they provide a nice comfy ride in good current. There a bit wide for the Current, but fine on the 11pt, NFoW, Taney. Set up time is a chore, so bring it fully assembled, but with tubes deflated a bit. Keep it IN the water with tubes inflated in the summer time, deflate in camp...Bring the pump and patch kit.

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I prefer just to keep things simple... mainly using the boat to get from place to place.

In fact, I hardly fish out of the boat itself at all - I beach it.

No need for a motor - I just row the boat.

This link goes to Classic Fly Rod Forum - pictures of boat on Taney.



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