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She Is Awful Quite

oneshot 1

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quite?  or quiet?  

I need a translator for everything Oneshot says.  Context of any story is 100% absent, and fruit loops, . . . but yet he can't be a troll, because its way too far out there.  He needs Paul Dallas to shadow and copy these deep thoughts and one-off gems. She just finished a class on re-building.  This could almost be a Merle Haggard lyric.  She is awful "quite", could be too.  She's quite awful fetching, or quite awful difficult, or awful "quiet" because I hit her with a beer bottle in her forehead when she wouldn't shut up, but darn, she can right a pretty good FEMUR esstimut. 🤣

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1 hour ago, fishinwrench said:

What is the incentive to carry insurance anyway? 

When the twister ravaged my neighborhood the ones without sufficient insurance came out better than those of us that were fully covered.     

Kind of a kick in the nuts, it was. 🤔

I know my wife was telling me about this and it is BS.

Yes if you don't have Insurance FEMA pays but if you do tuff.


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