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Well I didn't make it to Bennet, but did make it to Montauk and spent 10 hours on the river minus a small lunch break.  tjm, funny you should ask about hatches, there as very large one (to me anyway) of what I think were tricos, and they were everywhere.  I'm pretty sure the trout were focused on emergers as they sipping or jumping. I tried a bunch of my go to dries and wets, but simply didn't have a good morning.  I lost three... two on a small wet fly and one on small leach (thanks to a bad knot, ugg).  The afternoon the Tricos were still active, but at a lessor rate and small brown caddis (size 16 maybe) were hatching.  I did much better in the afternoon bringing 10 or so. 

There was a gent down on my section of the river that just looked the part who was the only one catching in the morning.  In the afternoon, I caught him in a break and asked his secret, he was dead drifting a wooly of his making.  I think he said size 6, but maybe 16.  I kind of regret not asking to see it, but figured I interrupted his day enough. So, if the elderly fly fisher with the great pointed beard is reading this... please what was the recipe.  

Back to the subject at hand.  I'm not going to discount any of the flies because it was a tough morning fishing.  However, the savior of the day was the simple peacock fly and second thread midges w/CDC puff.  I caught both under a small foam caddis. 

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