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Low lake levels and boat ramps

bobby b.

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Bassins recent post regarding White River boat ramps prompted me to think about all the TR ramps at low water levels.

I determined (with the help from OAF) which ramps were available during high water levels but now I am thinking about low water levels.  I searched OAF but did not find a discussion. 

So the question is - Does the concrete ramp typically drop off such that a trailer can get stuck or damaged?  If so, do you have some general guidance (lake level) or some specific info for some ramps?



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Pretty sure Shell Knob ramp can be used at just about any lake level on the low end of the spectrum. Might have to back out on the gravel. 


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Bobby, Holiday Island is good to 907+/-. Lower than that people use the steep side of the gravel point at the mouth of the cove.

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