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10/29 Buddy Tourney

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Hey guys if anyone is interested were having a tourney out of Cape Fair on 10/29.  7:30 take off.  $60 a boat no membership fee.  You can find us on Facebook under "Bass4Life Open tournament series"   or contact me on here or at 417-894-2975. We plan on going year round weather permitting.  Right now were just doing Table Rock until we get a few more people and then we will probably start  going to Stockton and Pomme if thats what everyone wants.  Payback 100%  1 place for every  5 boats

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We had 10 boats show up. 12-9 took the win. 4 limits brought it. It seemed like it was all about covering a lot of water. I had 5 for 9-15. Top water, jerkbait, swimbait, rock crawler.   Just junk fishing at its finest. Just picked  banks to go down and fished everything, creeks, coves, wood, steep banks, no pattern at all for us.  We even culled 3 times to get to 9-15.  Most those smaller largemouth are skinny. I think we had 2 over 4 brought to weigh in and those looked thick and healthy

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