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Winter Trout (I Mean Gill) Fishing


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Made it out to the trout pond in Highland again.  It was a rough work day, and the weather was just about perfect.  You can tell the catch and keep crowd had been hard at it.  Could not see trout anymore and rises were far and few between.  I tried a few nymphs, but I could not get past the bluegills.  They were very active.  It would not have been bad, but the gills in this pond are so small.  I didn't want to leave, so I put on a big royal wolf and did some casting practice at leaves floating by.  Probably good I did because it was pretty bad... LOL.  I caught another 5 or 6 gills on the wolf, but they were slightly bigger, but not good either.  

I know the state put 800 trout in the pond, and I have only seen people fishing in one section of the pond.  So there are some still out there.  I hate to say it, but I think I need a cold snap to put the bluegills and bait fisherman down.  Either way, I fished until after the sunset and then walked for 3 miles.  Not what I was hoping for, but probably what I needed.  

LOL... I now know how to catch some catfish bait.  Three inch bluegills on the fly, seem like a catfish treat, right?  

Tight lines.  

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