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Its been a couple years but I used to like going down there in the winter...fun way to spend a couple hours on a weekend afternoon with my young sons.  Never caught much off any of them...but our favorite is probably blue bluff.  Big nice dock that is in good shape in fairly deep water...with a big hole...and comfortable chairs.  the people are friendly and it’s on a good road.  take your catfish rod and throw it off the back.  

Lee’s resort is just down the road from blue bluff and it has a small dock in disrepair.  Ponderosa is shallow...ice box is off a bad road.  And Indian hills is always crowded and smoky but has a pro shop.  

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A few years ago I had a membership to Red Arrow located at the mouth of Horse creek on the west side of the lake. There was no heated dock, just boat slips to fish. There was a restaurant there also. I haven't been for a few years so I'm not familiar with what is going on there now


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