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MLF switches format to 5 Fish Limit


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Looks like the Many Little Fish circuit has changed their format. I personally think it’s a good move as the novelty of every “scorable” has worn off for most according to the polling.  I’ve never been a fan of the format myself so I might actually pay a little more attention to that tour now. Wonder what this means for BASS and if any of the anglers might flip between tours. Guys like BP, Christie, Hackney, etc that I guess weren’t fans of the MLF catch as many as you can format that went back to BASS…..wonder if the money will make them swap back AGAIN. 


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All fish or five fish, we all know Wheeler will continue to dominate the circuit. He's already shown he can hold is own at five fish regardless of which major circuit he is fishing.

Personally, I wish they'd do a 50/50 deal where half of the tourneys are five fish and the other half are the tradional MLF style. The catch, weigh, release system is the important part anyways.

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