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Ultra Light or Med Light to add to arsenal


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Greetings all.

I have some gift cards and looking to spend them on a new spin rod.

Currently have a bass pro shop microlite in Light power that I use on my drift boat in the upper sections of the ozark rivers for trout and the occasional smallies that I may run across.

Either an Ultra Light for a little more excitement in those sections
a Medium Light to use in those sections as well as further down out of the trout waters 

Like to only have 2 rods (1 fly and 1 spin) in my boat.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Crowley changed the title to Ultra Light or Med Light to add to arsenal

I know I sound like a broken record but St. Croix Premier 6'6" MLF sounds like something you might like.  I have one and it's plenty for sheepshead, speckled trout and the like.  Good rod for whites and hybrids.

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No, a medium light power rod wouldn't necessarily be too heavy for trout.  But far too many people choose rods based upon either the size of fish they are targeting or their presumed advantages using light line in very clear water.  In my opinion, there should be one overriding reason for choosing a certain rod power, and that's the size and weight of the lures you'll be casting with it.  Casting with any rod means "loading" the rod; the bend the lure puts in the rod at the end of the backcast is what helps propel the lure with distance and accuracy on the forward cast.  The lighter the lures you plan to throw with it, the lighter power the rod should be because it will load better with light lures.  In my opinion, ultralight tackle should only be used for casting extremely light lures (like 1/32 to 1/64th ounce), or when fishing for smallish panfish like bluegill or crappie.  It has no place in my bass arsenal, nor really in my trout rods.  Why?  One, I don't like nor want to "play" a good size fish for too long because it's unhealthy for the fish if I plan to release it.  Two, a light (not ultralight) or medium light rod will cast a wider range of lure sizes better than an ultralight.  Of course, I very seldom use a spinning rod for trout, but if I do, it's because I'm targeting big trout like big browns using some decent size lures.

So my advice...go for a medium light rod.

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