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Keeping warm…

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It keeps taking more clothes for me these days.  I’m kicking around the idea of a heated vest.  Do any of you guys have one or know anything about them?

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I always get cold feet especially duck hunting when I typically am in shallow water. Tried some heated socks that I got off the internet. They worked great till about 10:00.as soon as they died my feet started getting cold. Can't find ones with bigger batteries. Bottomline if you find a heated vest make sure to check it's useful time range. Most have different levels. I found I needed to be on the middle setting .

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I always layer well in the winter.  Start with a good wicking layer like poly and add warmer layers with fleece or wool.  Outer layers are Goretex to block wind and moisture and breath.  Socks are always a poly/wool blend that keep toes warm with minimal insulation in the boots.  I could sit on a chunk of ice with my feet dangling in waders waiting for ducks and be reasonably comfortable.

Wind sucks, it eats into you.  Lots of movement then periods of rest require the wicking of moisture away from your skin to keep the core comfortable..  If you can keep the core of your body comfortable, the rest seems to fall in place.  My feet were never a problem, but my hands get cold very quick. 

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You might look at the Ororo line of heated vests, jackets, gloves and socks.  I bought a vest back in October and used deer hunting and trout fishing a lot this winter.  Battery lasts about 10 hours on low. Medium setting will make me sweat. Just saw they are on sale ~$145.  Will be trying a pair of gloves for next year.

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