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Wow what a cold week


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I remember at least 4 inches of snow opening morning in about 1998. I shot and 8 point on the other side of indian creek in McDonald Co. I had to wade the creek, I found a spot that was knee deep, then slipped and fell, deer in one hand rifle in the other. Car was 500 yrs away. Yep I remember climate change way back in the 90's🤔

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I feel the same wrench. Up until 4 or 5 years ago i absolutely loved anything under 40 degrees “i sweat easy”. Lately anything below 50 and I’ve got a hoodie on.  Tho i do still wear shorts year round working outside “legs rarely get cold”. 

TinBoats BassClub.  An aluminum only bass club. If interested in info send me a PM. 

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I remember back when Deer Season run through Thanksgiving. 

Hunted many days in snow. 

I remember a guy that would wash his Deer out with Brine and pack along skin and bullet holes with salt.

Leave it hang all Winter cut off what he needed,  repack with salt.

I would hand Rabbits with hide on let them freeze.  When I wanted a Rabbit skin it,thaw it out and cook. 


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Saturdays hunt with the snow was awesome.   I hunted a big box blind up on some hay bales.  I woke up a bit late to find all my camo gear that I left out on the rail covered in snow and soaking wet...

My buddy left his little buddy propane heater for me luckily so I found one of my fishing hoodies in the truck and figured with the heater I'd be warm enough. 

I made it till 8am and started to get chilly. I went to fire up the heater and nothing worked... I toughed it out til 11 or so,  but with just a hoodie and a long sleeve t-shirt with no thermal layers I had to go back in to warm up.


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