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Catch and Release Report - Nov 13-14


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Due to kids mostly, this is my first C&R weekend in years.  I made it down on Sunday and Monday.  Both days were light in traffic, and if you searched it out, you could get full sections to yourself.  I didn't make it on to the sandbar below the park like I normally do.  

Sunday... it was one of those great days.  I probably brought 25-35 fish to hand.  My two best setups was a simple peacock hurl nymph on the upper half and olive woolly on the lower half.  I even caught some on small dries.  I was surprised, I got nothing on midge flies.  I gave up after an hour of nothing on a double nymph setup.  The woolly's work best casting over and down across the riffles.  I caught a mix on a dead drift and stripping. 

Monday... it was a lot tougher. I caught a few on the peacock nymph, none on midges, and got most on the olive woolly. Afternoon was better then morning.

I will call out one hole, but for safety.  I did fish right below the darn bridge on the river side of the bridge and road side of the hole.  There is a "standing spot" covered in leaves.  I took a careful step into it and found a perfect 45 degree rock under the leaves.  Down goes Fraser.  It wasn't bad.  I only got a sleeve wet, and I always bring back up cloths.  So if you saw the white car with cloths hanging from the windows... that was me.   

Anyway...  Two days on the river and not at work.  Tight lines.

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