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Mercury Marine unveiled the industry’s first-ever V10 outboard with the official launch of its all-new 5.7L 350 and 400-hp Verado outboard engines at a special media gathering this morning. Consistent with the award-winning Verado brand, the new V10 engines will be marketed as the quietest and smoothest in their class, running 45 percent quieter than a leading competitor at cruise. Full story here: https://www.speedboat.com/news/mercury-marine-introduces-industrys-first-v10-outboards


MONKEYS? what monkeys?

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Actually that wasn't a fair statement that I just made.....

It'll probably still run, it just won't crawl out of the hole, or push a boat firmly onto a trailer anymore, and nobody (including factory techs) will be able to determine Why Not.......so they'll tell you to install a lower pitched prop.    Surely I don't have to tell ya how THAT works out.  🙄 

In this business I like HAPPY CUSTOMERS.......but when dealing with aging 4-strokes I just can't truly create any.   And neither can anybody else.   

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