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Thanksgiving Fishin


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The past few years I've made a habit out of sneaking off Thanksgiving day and heading to Stockton. I think every year I've done pretty well, today was no exception. 

Ran into JR Oldham (owner of Outlaw crappie poles) out there. He had a pretty good day too. 

I ended up with 6 walleye, 2 keepers, and 7 crappie with 5 keepers. All on a #7 black/chrome jigging rap. The crappie were kinda everywhere from 30-50ft, walleyes were 25-15ft. Fished the crappie vertically but the walleye definitely preferred casting and just letting the bait glide back along the bottom. 

Water temps were 51, very clear and still low. Cloudy and mostly clear but it did drizzle for a half hour or so. 

Happy thanksgiving everyone, hope all had a good day. 




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