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Is this worth getting?


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I do a lot of vertical fishing.  I priced jigging raps and found this on the web.  Anyone have experience or opinion about baits like this?


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I have a couple baits that are similar to that. I got them at the Bass Pro outlet, but have never used them. I'd say they have more of a flutter/rocking type of action, similar to a rippin rap or a blade bait, rather than the dart/glide that a jigging rap does.

I do know that you can buy jigging rap blanks and save quite a bit that way, but you need to paint them and install the treble. This is just one source, I know there's another website and Ebay as well. The downside there is that for whatever reason they don't make the 5/8 #7, which is the size I prefer.



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FWIW, Tackle Warehouse carries a two pack of War Eagle spoons (7/8 oz.) for $7.95. I have caught numerous quality walleye on the white and other colors. They come with EWG Gamakatsu hooks and swivel on the nose. I suggest they are as effective as the examples above and cheaper than you can make if you consider the accessories.

If you elect to go with the midbody tie model, seriously consider only putting a hook on one end. The likelihood of jiggling the bait free of a hang will dramatically increase.

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2 hours ago, Dutch said:

I make my own jigging spoons.

Good. then the mid-body line tie must interest you.

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4 hours ago, Dutch said:


That just might be the way to start.  I may order 10 and powder paint them.

Those will work….The plastic fin definitely makes a difference…and I agree the originals are pretty pricy!  


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