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For those considering a fly-casting class.

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6 hours ago, tjm said:


I'd sure like to watch you two casting in a contest; bet I'd pick up a pointer or two.

There are plenty of fine casting demonstrations on YouTube.  

Distance is merely a factor of how much line you can shoot once the head is outside the tip.  If THAT is what interests you then get yourself a RIO Outbound Short in the proper line weight, or similar shooting head, and practice your double-haul. 

Accuracy is Thumb-to-Eye coordination. Hang a 1/2" washer from the ceiling with 4# mono and practice playing "tetherball" with your thumb.  Badminton/Tennis/Ping-pong is a really good casting-accuracy exercise too.  

When fishing and casting, always have a target.  A leaf, a bubble, a current seam, or a specific spot on the far bank.   A few years of doing that (and fishing fairly often) will have you perfectly able to shoot a loop through a hula hoop.

None of the above matters though if your rod/reel/line combination doesn't fit (and compliment) your natural style.   Certainly a truly good fly-caster can adjust to ANYTHING.....But things go way faster, and way more dependable, when no adjustments are required.   Gavin claiming that he can outcast me with MY rod, without a few hours of practice, is just him being confident and cocky..... He's probably full of $#!t, but it would be worth a bottle of hooch to see him do it.  😁 

The real world measure of a decent caster is his/her ability to hit their mark while laying line on the water in such a way that no series of "mends" are instantly needed.  Watching someone do that is everything BUT elegant. Looks nothing like Brad Pitt/Jason Borger. More like a retarded cheerleader playing with a bent baton.

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..or a Lion Tamer afraid for his life! 😅

I've never had a lesson.  It shows.  I enjoy it all the same.

I didn't know I was being filmed...a windy day back in 2015, on a NE Iowa trout stream.  


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I saw John Wilson pick up an unfamiliar rod and throw the whole line on a backcast.   Pretty impressive.     

If I stand on top of my shooting bench, and can keep the line from getting looped around my toes or getting balled up somehow (blind luck!) I can hit my 30 yard target board with a 7wt. Outbound Short and my old Legend Ultra.   Pretty much the same from the deck of the boat I think. 

  Everytime I try to make a cast like that out on the flats though, I never get a bite until the fly is 30' or less from the boat.......and then here's this unruly pile of line at my feet while I'm stumbling around reaching for the net.   No way to get it all back on the reel before it's time to land the fish.   If I keep the casts to 40' or so then line management isn't a problem at all.....and I catch just as many fish.   So I dunno..... maybe I'm just not catching big enough/strong enough fish. 😅

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16 minutes ago, fshndoug said:

Should we put these 2 guys in speedos for this contest and have Billethead do the audio he kind a looks like Marty Stone on MLF fishing

Let's keep our twisted fantasy's out of this.  Ok?     

Pretty sure that's what "Jigfest" was for. 😅

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3 hours ago, fshndoug said:

Can we get ESPN to film this epic contest ?

Sounds like the contestants need to wear knickers too. 

I think I'll pass. Fishing skills are proven on the water. Anything other than that is just a circus routine. I have never fished with Gavin but I have fished with Wrench. When you guys get to the actual fishing portion I have a hundred on Wrench. 



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1 hour ago, Flysmallie said:

Fishing skills are proven on the water.

Absolutely, but, the thread title doesn't mention fishing. It says "fly-casting" so only the casting components of the contest will be relevant. Distance and accuracy? or accuracy at distance? How much line  can be carried as well as how much line can be shot ect. ? I've never seen a casting duel before, so I don't know.

" just a circus routine. " well sure, that is why I want to watch. it's why the viewers will watch the video over and over, yes? the speedos might be a good idea after all...

Will there be a rematch after they share the jug? or jugs?

I noticed that Gavin suggested they use wrench's rod but he did say he'd use the line supplied by wrench. I've always thought the line was as important as the rod, maybe more..

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