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Flyfishing Christmas gifts

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17 hours ago, tjm said:

Do you know of any 5/6wt one piece blanks? or finished rods, my son wants one.

On the Piscifun rods, aren't they Chinese? I'd rather imagine they copied the St Croix taper, but who knows. I have read that all the fishing stuff out China comes from one town/province, all pretty much a single  company, but again, I don't know.

There are 7'9" and 8'4" one piece blanks that would work, but you'd have to custom build it I think.   It would be hard to pick a 5/6 blank without being able to feel it first because they aren't marketed as "flyrod blanks".

As for Piscifun..... I'm really not sure. There's nothing on any of their rods or reels that says "made in China", and I know that at least part of their assembly happens in the UK.   And St.Croix doesn't spin the Imperial blanks in house, they are imported.   The word "Imperial", the word "Piscador", and the fact that anything I try to order direct from Piscifun with my debit card results in my bank flagging it and calling me for confirmation on a transaction in England......is all I have to go by.    If you take a Piscifun Sword and a St.Croix Imperial rod out in the sun and look at them side-by-side it's a dead match (shade of color, degree of transparency, scrim wrap spacing, and all).   There's also the curious coincidence that Piscifun emerged right about the same time that St.Croix went STUPID.   

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7 hours ago, Gavin said:

I haven't bought a fly rod in years, but the three fly rods I use most often have 2 tips each, one has 3. You can order extras. All you have to do is ask. I like my rainshadow, and north fork composite spin & baitcasting rods.. 

Are they 4pc.?   

I've yet to break a 4pc.  but the 2pc. flyrods that I have snapped always go about 4-6" above the middle ferrule.  So an extra tip section for a 4pc. might not help me.       I have a wad of 2pc tip sections that I saved for guides and tips to prove it. 

I have a Sage Bolt 9 for 8 that is my LM Bass rod.   Hope I don't break it cuz they don't make them anymore, and haven't for quite a few years.   

My favorite SM rod is a 7wt. St.C Legend Elite 4,pc.......no getting that one replaced ever either. 🙄

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1 minute ago, Gavin said:

Sage has been really good about replacing sections for old graphite rods. Think they have all the old mandrels/specs and roll them if they need one.

Not surprised, they are the greatest rod co. ever.    I'm kinda rough on my rods at times though, and I can't bring myself to throw 700-900.00 rods around casually. 

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