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Dang Hillbilly

oneshot 1

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1 hour ago, MOPanfisher said:

I am thinking that instead if a tiny Pomeranian you need a dog big enough and trained to stop you from leaving the house. 

Needing one to travel with. 

I had a Black and Tan Coon Hound one time. 

He had never seen me in uniform. I come in the house he had me by the throat.  Uh Rex it's Dad. Sorry!


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2 hours ago, Dutch said:

So he didn’t recognize you in the orange jump suit?

He was staying at my Dad's, my Ex brought him to the house so I could take him to the Vet.

Guy offered to buy him for $1000 I wouldn't sell. One day all my Dogs were gone and this guy happened to have money for Down Payment on a house. 


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Friday morning here it was -11, wind about 30 MPH and maybe three inches of snow.  Must have been a lot nicer there for anybody to go outside barefoot and not even know it.

On 12/23/2022 at 6:10 PM, oneshot 1 said:

Went open my Chickens up this morning. 

Sat down realized I forgot to put my shoes on. 

Thing is I didn't notice until I was back inside. 

Told my Son at least it wasn't my pants. 



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