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MSP Report 12-28


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I made it down yesterday and spent a good chunk of the morning.  I was trying out some flies and only fished streamers on my 6 weight.  I had an alright day brought five or six to hand and losing a few more.  Seemed like the fish were picky.  If someone was catching fish they were catching them often enough for me and my buddy to notice.  If they were not catching, they were not catching.  I caught some on woolly's, but the bites picked up when I tried a (new to me) micro strip leach, Mayer's Mini Leech.  I ended up losing a rig and switched to just the leach, but the bite stop.  There may be something to... drawing them in with a woolly and then presenting the smaller leach for the catch.  I hope to make it down again tomorrow for a full day.  I'll try it out again. 

I did notice there seemed to be less visible fish in the branch.  I wonder is C&R deaths and predation is thinning the stock or they are becoming more wild and better camouflaged?  

Tight Lines

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