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Winter Fly Swap - Streamers

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1 hour ago, ColdWaterFshr said:

Mic, your fly worked well.  Good action to it and perfect weight.  Though I didn't get to put it to the test on the North Fork, it worked extremely well at Rockbridge.  I think we had a 19 lb stringer of 5 fish.  The first 3 of which were caught  on your fly.  I should've re-tied my knot after the 3rd one because I broke off and lost an easy 7 lb'er.  Lot of fun watching multiple large fish chase it down at the same time, even if they were prosti-trouts.  My younger brother Frank was thrilled.





  CWF... what weight rod, line type, and leader were you using? Oh and... try tying a mini leach about a foot behind it.  

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Hey all... I'm taking a vacation day on Thursday.  I thought about the parks, but they may be a bit crazy.  If anyone wants to meet up and fish the St. James or Rolla area... let me know.  I'm thinking about Little Piney and Suicide Hill.  We can try out some of these flies. 

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Is there anyone that has not got their flies?

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