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2023 Ozark Anglers BASS Fantasy Fishing League


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Sorry for the delay!! Usually get this posted sooner so more have time to join.

Ladies and Gents,

Registration is open an just about a month before the first Elite event.

The $10 up front entry fee we did the last 3 seasons has been a success and people find it fair and worthwhile. PayPal is still preferable as that is the easiest method for most, including me. I can also do Venmo as an option. Payment details are in the group notes once you join the group/league. League entry fee is due by the start of the first tournament on 2/16 @ the Big O in Florida. If you have not paid by that time then you will not be eligible to win prizes in the league even if you continue to participate in filling out rosters every event. 

The prizes will be in the form of Tackle Warehouse gift cards at various values. The value of those gift cards will be determined on interest and amount of people that join the league. The payout will scale accordingly from 1st prize to an agreed upon (by the league majority) last winning place.

Example: 25 entries x $10 = $250 in pot TW Gift Cards

1st - $100  2nd - $75  3rd - $50 4th - $25 - Something along these lines.


To sign up go here: https://bassmasterfantasy.com/

For those of you new to fantasy fishing its very simple and requires very little effort or skill. The only thing you need to do is FILL OUT A TEAM EVERY WEEK there is an event. You forget or miss one tournament event then it is hard to compete for prizes as it is nearly impossible to make up those lost points. See above link for more info.

Please register your name AS THE SAME NAME/HANDLE you have here on Ozark Anglers as it's easier for everyone to identify each other.

To join the league find the OZARK ANGLERS group I've created after you've registered an account. It is marked as private as to not let a bunch of people into the league.



Password: longcreek


Please respond here on this thread for those that plan to participate so I can get an idea of how many will be joining.

Thanks and good luck!


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12 hours ago, Targa98 said:

count me in.  Ill get the payment in this week

You should be fishing, not play fishing. 😉

TinBoats BassClub.  An aluminum only bass club. If interested in info send me a PM. 

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