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Started out around 930 this morning. 1st fish was 9n a secondary point and weighed 5-14. I lost a 3 1/2 at the boat and also boasted a 3-14. I ended up with about a dozen with 8 keepers. Best 5 was 16-4. Was pretty happy with that as the one i lost would have put me over 18. It come off as I was boat flipping ur bc I didnt have the net out. Tried some crappie for 2 hours but had no luck at all. Arig caught the big, couple on a rock crawler and the rest of everything on a jerkbait. Good luck out there.


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Late post. wEnt up prior to the rain. It was going to be windy but as @Targa98 it can be your friend. started at greenfield. Caught a small LM right offf the bat. continued north hittng points and windy banks without sucess. Ended up mid lake and a favorite spot caught 3, one 19" all on Rock Crawlers. Tried JB but I have no confidence in it so it rarely produces for me. Headed back south. Tremendous number of gull,pelicans and cormorants in birch branch. wEnt in bait all over the screen but couldn't find a bass.  Ended up in turnback above 160, lots of folks. boats ,kayaks, bank fisherman. Nobody catching alot but some sucess. Caught 4 nice size males and 1 16" walleye on a flicker shad, white came on a jig. actully got alittle sunburn that day. Hopefully the rivers will come down and they won't Let Stockton get too high. Just went past 869ft

The answer may not lie at the bottom of a glass, but you should always check

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