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Tiller and other stuff for sale


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OK.  I used to garden pretty darn big.  But I've grown tired of it so have given it up in favor of the farmer's market.  So I've got some stuff to sell.

First up is this Troy Bilt tiller.  I completely wore out the one ahead of this one, bought this one new and barely used it. If I remember I bought this one three years ago. It's never been left out in the weather it was stored in the shed lean to/ carport.

They're $600 now at Lowes.   I'll take what?  $400 for it?  I just started it and it starts and runs good.  If $400 is not fair, make me a reasonable offer and I'll take it under advisement.  It has only head ethanol free premium in it, Stabil added in the fall.





I've got eleven superduty tomato cages and twenty four 6 foot T posts.  These are in the make me an offer category.  So is the electric fence charger, a bunch of step in posts for electric fence and part of a roll of that braided plastic electric fence line.



PM me if you're interested in any or all of it.





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