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Trolling motors

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Motorguide has the best mounts, but Minn Kota has the best motors, shafts, and controls.  

The others haven't been in the game long enough to prove themselves IMO. 

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If they were  giving Ultrex’s away free I still wouldn’t have one. 

Bought one, they replaced it with a free one and it broke too. 

Replaced it with a Garmin an no problems except a worn pull cord. 

I really like the Lowrance also, but guys that have them seem to be going back to Garmin. 

My Motor Guides never did me wrong and now you need to throw Power Pole Move into the mix. I’d wait a bit on it. Over priced and not exactly the start the company wanted at the Classic, Heavy Hitters and Redcrest. 

Depending on your electronics I’d probably match the motor except the Ultrex. 


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I seldom if ever disagree with Bill but my Ultrex has been flawless and I have one of the very first units produced.  I know he also had issues with the stow and deploy feature being difficult but I still can deploy and stow mine from a seated position on the front deck with no problem.

Maybe I just got lucky but I love mine.

I know a few other guys that went Garmin or Force and all are on at least their second unit if not third or fourth.

Again it might be more a matter of luck - especially with the way most things are being built and produced these days.

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."  George Carlin

"The only money ever wasted is money never spent."  Me.

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Trolling motor needs to match the graphs if you want to get all the functionality out of the system.  I had issues with the Garmin when updating the software even though I did it with the Garmin tech on the phone with me.  After the third replacement I learned to not update the software and like Bill I have had no issues.  The easy of use of the Garmin stuff is fantastic.  

I see new installs and boats with Ultrex (because some think they are bullet proof) and then using Garmin or Lowrance graphs.  Loss of capability doing that.  Yesterday I saw a brand new $130,000 Vexis set up like that.


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If you have Lowrance electronics, the Ghost is a great motor.  It will operate on 24v or 36v, is easy on the batteries, and is very quiet.  Mine is mounted on a 19 1/2 ft. Skeeter, and offers far more power than I use on 24v.  My primary reason for replacing my Motorguide was the Ghost's spotlock feature.  I've been very impressed with how quietly, and how well it works when on spotlock.  Used the feature a lot during our week on Table Rock, last month.

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Not only is the Ultrex a disaster as far as breaking, it is the heavest motor on the market. It also has a top speed of 2.41 mph.  This is an issue.  Say you want to cut across a cove or skip a stretch of bank.  With the Ultrex unless you bring lunch you have to get down, get everyone else down and crank the big motor.  Ghost or Force you crank it up to 3.75 and blow across the water.

Another point is battery power, I’m running my Garmin or you could a Lowrance on 24 with 2 lithium batteries.  No expense or weight factor with the 3rd. battery and totally better performance.

Vernon has been the luckiest guy in the world with his. 

We had one of the best reps here in the mid US in J.E. Vanetta. Been with HB/MK for over a decade.   He finally had enough and quit because of poor product performance on both sides of the water. 

Good friend on a 2019 kitty is on his 2nd. Ultrex, his 3rd. Apex and his 2nd. pair of Solex units.  He thinks he is a field tester for the company.  

This jumps back and forth, but MKHB had better get back on the ball if they want to stay competitive. 

If you remember we said the exact same thing with Lowrance and Motor Guide a few years ago when Minn Kota came out with the good  spot lock of the Ultrex. 

Motor Guide had no way to grab the ball, but Lowrance did and Garmin also with pairing the motors and sonar chartplotter units.  



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I dont fish nearly enough to give a solid review but to be honest the only issues I have had with my ulterra were user caused.  

everything in this post is purely opinion and is said to annoy you.

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