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Crappie 1/26/24 (Late Report)


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Haven't posted on here in a long time.  Will start posting crappie reports as I go.  The crappie have been really good this winter so far.  This last trip on the 26th is the first time in a long time we haven't hit our limit.  Up until this trip pretty much everything was relating to brush, but, they seem to be starting to group up in open water now.
We fished main lake north of Mutton due to ice. Brought home 20 with 3 right at 14”. A mixed bag of fish on brush and suspended schools.
The last month I have had a handful of deeper brush piles really producing good in this area and today they were completely vacant. No fish at all. I assume due to the extreme cold that hit us.  Had to do a little searching. The fish we caught today were in spots that were not holding fish a few weeks ago before the artic blast.  Best depth was around 25' and water temp was right around 40 every where we went.
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I haven't gotten to go to Stockton in a couple of weeks and last time just caught 2 keepers.  I am looking forward to going again in the next week or two.  Wintertime jig fishing is something I have a lot more work to do before I get good at I am afraid.

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