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Eagke Rock Above the Bridge

Bill Babler

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2-6-24 Upper White River



Well, if it goes like it did today next Saturday someone in that BFL is going to weigh in a Huge Sack of Fish. 


Perfect morning with a bit of cloud cover and a gentle breeze. 


Surface temps at 0700 were 46.7 main channel. Quit at noon when it really started to white cap and the temps were 50.7 degree. 


Had over 25 LM most in the 17 to 18 inch bracket with one good one. Never caught a single K.


A-rig-stickbait-jig and a new Berkeley Bait. 

Depth was a constant 25’  not 30’ or 20’.  Saw every fish I caught with the exception of 2 jig fish.  They were on the bottom 25’  


Lots of what I caught were A-rig fish sitting in tree tops at 25’  worked the rig right thru them in the Danger Zone  strikes were Hammers  


Depending on weather you might see a 23-25 pound bag next Saturday  

Good Luck  


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