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Fished Nov 7-9


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My friend I traveled over to the White and fished last week. Neither of us are very experienced fly fishers but we did all right catching about 25 fish. On the 7th we fished near the Wildcat Shoals resort where we stayed, but didn't have any luck. On the 8th there was no generation in the morning and we fished the narrows. We finally started using a Y2K pattern with a split shot and caught some in fast deep water. Once the water started to rise we went to the Norfork right below the Dam. We caught some fish that evening on a copper zebra midge. The next day Bull Shoals was generating again so we went back to Norfork Dam. We caught some more there on the copper Zebra midge. About 10 we went to the catch and release area for about 3 hours. We caught several fish on black and red zebra midges. Then unfortunately we had to head back home.

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