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Corp Camping?


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I remember in years past that Long Creek stayed open for camping year round... looking at the reserveusa website, it seems that's not the case this year? Anybody know?

I guess State Park is open, but I plan to fish between Cricket and the bridge this weekend... thanks!


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I think the state Park is your only option. It is my understanding you can dry camp in the Corp parks if you like, but naturally no water or electric is provided. Enjoy that extra 2 mile boat ride I guess. Hopefully the weather holds out for you

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I called the Corp. office in Branson, and was told you could not dry camp at any facility that was closed for the season. I was told that Indian Point and Cape Fair would be open for camping. I have a guide trip coming up on Dec. 9, and we are going to camp at Indian Point. I don't remember what she said about State Park.

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