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Just Wondering, Have'nt Heard Much

Daddy Carp

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I know there are some real impressive large-mouth bass in Taneycomo. Does anyone have any info on small-mouth/spotted bass in Taney? I know they are in Table Rock and Bull Shoals in good size & numbers. This being the old White river I figured they are probably in Taney also. Any inputs or suggestions?

May ya safely be in heaven, 'fore the devil knows yor gone!! D.C. :)

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I cant really give in detail where to find them.. it would turn out to be a wild goose chase...

But.. Lower Lake Taneycomo (where the water is a bit warmer)..

the mouths of creeks (and up inside them).. Roark, Turkey, Bull, ect..

Also along the banks.. around the dock.. below highway 65 bridge...

Spots Ive seen them...

We may have to get together one of these days and run up and the the lake.. so I can point out some good spots...


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I always thought you would find more smallmouth in the Branson area and above. I was under the impression that smallmouth did better in cooler, clearer water than largemouth. So far I have yet to catch a smallmouth or a spot from Taney, but those pesky largemouth seem content to fill in.

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I agree with MoBass..

Ive seen (and caught) more smallmouths between Roark and Turkey.. Mostly on stick baits with generation.. they tend to move into the mouths and inside the creek when the water is flowing..

The biggest smallmouth (21in) Ive ever caught (and walleye 24in about 6lbs) has came out of Taneycomo...

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Hey guys, thanks a bunch for all the info & inputs. I'm gonna give them a good try. I think I finally got my old motor lined out now. The other day she seemed to idle just like she used too---slow & steady......YEA!

May ya safely be in Heaven, 'afore the devil knows your gone! D.C.

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